Janita Toerien

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A wedding is the celebration of true and endearing love between two individuals and the commitment they make to one another to live as one.

The wedding gown is a special gown to a woman. It is the outfit in which a woman chooses to present herself to her husband, the dress in which she commits herself to him. When we celebrate this intimate promise we make to our spouses it is only fitting to dress in a way that will celebrate the bride's personal style, be it modern, romantic, quirky or classic.

Janita Toerien is the creative enthusiast behind her bridal couture brand. She is a designer dedicated to creating a uniquely handcrafted gown which is elegant, sophisticated and bespoke. Her bridal gowns own a certain panache that enthrals the bride's audience. She believes to stay true to her unique design style that enhances the female form and compliments a woman's natural beauty.

Janita Toerien was born and raised in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. It was in 2009 that she decided to create the brand with the intention of working closely with her brides, consulting them and designing a unique gown, tailored to perfection and complimenting the bride's personal style. She decided to open her studio at home to ensure that brides experience an intimate journey in a relaxed environment. The brand has evolved from a small venture to one whose gowns are loved by brides, published in print media, and dreamed of by many a future bride.

Janita Toerien Wedding Gowns believe in supporting the South African industry and trade by sourcing all her fabrics and trims locally. Quality is of the utmost importance when it comes to her gowns and as a registered member of Unashamedly Ethical, Janita Toerien Wedding Gowns have made a public commitment to ensure quality and ethical standards are upheld throughout all aspects of the business.

The client wearing a Janita Toerien gown is a confident woman. She values timeless style above fashion trends. She has discerning tastes and all who know her knows she has a unique flair that entices her audience with her feminine presence.